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A blurred photo which has tens of people from different background and religions. On the foreground there is a text about Albion Neighbourhood Services' history, goal and scope.

Albion Neighbourhood Services has been serving the Jamestown and Rexdale community since 1971. We provide comprehensive support and resources to all members of our community, to empower individuals and families and make sure we have healthy communities.

In the front there are tens of children sitting. They are holding their hands up, smiling and cheering. On the back there are Albion Neighbourhood Services' staff standing and smiling.

We provide a wide range of services, including:

  • Programs for children and youth;

  • Support in securing and maintaining housing;

  • Support in accessing community services; and

  • Assistance in navigating challenging and complex life situations.

These are only a few of our services. We are here to help.
You can also get in touch with us by phone at 416-740-3704, by email at, or by coming in-person to one of our offices.

In the foreground there are people from different ages, different background and different religions. This photo indicates Albion Neighbourhood Services is welcoming every ages, sexes, religion and ethnicity.
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