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Our Mission: Albion Neighbourhood Services works in partnership with the Community to enhance peoples’ lives through the delivery of programs, services and supports that are engaging, accessible and responsive.


Our Vision: Empowered, healthy communities.


Our Values: Respect & Dignity​

We are a caring organization that reflects and appreciates the dignity, abilities, beliefs, values, opinions and expressed needs of our community and each other.  Our employees, volunteers and community members model honesty, fair play, positive attitudes, and respect for self and others.  ​

Equity and Access

We actively outreach to those who face barriers accessing community services.  We support people experiencing their full potential and well-being and that they not be disadvantaged because of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, social class, socio-economic status, or other socially-determined factor.​


We appreciate and value the diversity and individual strengths of our employees, volunteers and people in our community.  We demonstrate this through our organizational policies and practices, decision making, sharing of information, and in the ways we ensure access.​​​​​​​​​​​


We are committed to clients receiving the highest quality programs, services and supports from well-informed, skilled staff and volunteers.


We recognize the strengths and knowledge of our employees, volunteers, partners and community members.  We encourage broad stakeholder engagement to identify community strengths and opportunities to enhance the way we respond.​


We demonstrate responsibility for our actions and results.  We are committed to measuring, evaluating and reporting results and to using all funding effectively and efficiently.​

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