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Housing Help Service

  • Landlord-tenant mediation

  • Assistance with social housing applications

  • Assessment and referrals to legal clinics

  • Tenant support program

  • Housing counseling

  • Housing listing support


1. 1530 Albion Rd, Suite 205, Toronto, ON, M9V 1B4 Contact: 416 741-1553 SERVING NORTH ETOBICOKE/ REXDALE AREA

2. 21 Panorama Court, Suite 14, Toronto, ON, M9V 4E3 Contact: 416 740-3704 SERVING NORTH ETOBICOKE/ REXDALE AREA

3. 185-5th St, Toronto, ON, M8V 2Z5 Contact: 416 252-5990 SERVING SOUTH ETOBICOKE

  • Assist individuals/ households navigate the MyAccesstoHousingTO portal and the new Choice Base process for RGI housing by supporting applicants with registering, completing applications, updating, and maintaining applications

  • Support those who have an offer of subsidized housing to submit required documentations to assist with drafting leasing details

  • Assist individuals/ households apply for other housing benefits (Rent Bank, Energy Programs, Income Etc.)

  • Provide referrals to more Specialized types of services (Legal Clinics, Income Supports, ID Clinics, Mental Health and Support Services, Addiction Programs, etc.)

  • Assist people to secure housing by providing housing searches, coordination, advocacy, negotiations etc.

Rent Bank Service

  • Interest-free loans for eligible tenants at risk of eviction due to rental arrears

  • Interest-free loans for first and last month rent deposit

  • Grants issued to eligible individuals/ households who meets eligibility criteria to address rental arrears and rent deposits

  • Rent Bank Call Centre: 416 397-7368 to inquire about eligibility criteria

Winter Warmth Program

  • Energy assistance for low-income eligible households with Hydro and Enbridge Gas arrears facing disconnection

Street Outreach Program (In partnership with Streets to Homes Program)

  • Assistance in finding housing for people who are currently unhoused or housing insecure 

  • Mobile Street Outreach Teams covering Wards 01, 02, 03, 05 and 07 of the catchment area

  • Contact# ANS Etobicoke Team: 416 991-4546/ ANS Expansion Team: 647 220-9658

  • Assist street homeless individuals to secure housing (private market), shelter access, ID replacement through the PAID ID Project and extended supports during Extreme Weather Alerts. Individuals would have to being living precariously within the catchment area and will be met by team in the community. PLEASE NOTE THAT INDIVIDUALS IDENTIFIED TO BE COUCH SURFING AND DOES NOT MEET PROGRAM ELIGIBILITY WILL BE REFERRED TO LOCAL HOUSING HELP CENTRES

  • Central Intake: 416 397-5637 to secure shelter access/ referrals

Follow-Up Support Program (In Partnership with Streets to Homes Program)

  • Tenanted clients who were previously supported through the S2H Program are provided with aftercare supports (Maintaining Housing, life skills development, financial, landlord-tenant mediation, legal, health, employment readiness, etc. REFERRAL BASE ONLY

Home Assistance Program (HAP)

  • Help income-eligible customers save on their electricity bill by providing free home energy assessment and upgrades. Upgrades may include energy efficient light bulbs, appliances, low-flow showerheads, and insulation.

Voluntary Trusteeship Service 

  • Guarantees rent & bills are paid on time

  • Creates a personalized budget plan

  • Ensures financial & housing stability

  • Offers community resource connections

  • Provides advocacy & support for landlord and tenant matters

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