Specialized Housing Program

Housing Help Service

  • Landlord-tenant mediation

  • Assistance with social housing applications

  • Assessment and referrals to legal clinics

  • Tenant support program

  • Housing counselling

  • Housing listing support

Rent Bank Service

  • Interest-free loans for eligible tenants at risk of eviction due to rental arrears

  • Interest-free loans for first and last month rent deposit

Winter Warmth Program

  • Energy assistance for low-income eligible households with Hydro and Enbridge Gas arrears facing disconnection

Street Outreach Program

  • Assistance in finding housing for people who are currently unhoused or housing insecure 

Follow-Up Support Program

  • Follow up support for clients who have been placed in housing through the Street Outreach Program.

Home Assistance Program (HAP)

  • Help income-eligible customers save on their electricity bill by providing free home energy assessment and upgrades. Upgrades may include energy efficient light bulbs, appliances, low-flow showerheads, and insulation.

Voluntary Trusteeship Service 

  • Guarantees rent & bills are paid on time

  • Creates a personalized budget plan

  • Ensures financial & housing stability

  • Offers community resource connections

  • Provides advocacy & support for landlord and tenant matters

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