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In the foreground there is Steven Adams wearing sunglasses and hats on posing for the camera.


As a senior brand communications strategist, Angie has built her career developing integrated, dynamic programming for global brands over the years. During this time, she’s led multidisciplinary teams and worked together with them to build impactful strategies and tell creative stories that reach and resonate with relevant audiences - whether these be direct to consumer, media, internal and external stakeholders or B2B. From brands in their infancy to those more established and looking to evolve, Angie has built a breadth of experience working in a cross channel, integrated way where she has solved complex business challenges for clients, managed reputation and driven results. Over the last 20 years, Angie has developed and led programming that has built brand affinity, that has introduced new products and services to Canada, that has driven sales and revenue growth and that has protected brands, navigating challenges in the face of issues and crisis. Angie’s core skill set is based in Communications Planning and Strategy, Integrated Marketing Communications, Brand Building and Corporate Reputation Management. She holds a degree in Mass Communications and French from York University and a Certificate in Public Relations from Humber College.

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