Youth Programs

Youth Scholarship Programs - Post Secondary Education

Albion Boys and Girls Club offers Scholarship opportunities to the youth to help them achieve thei goals for Post Secondary Education. Get involved and see how you can qualify for these scholarships:

Terri Noseworthy Scholarship Awards -Horizon Milling  (Cargill)

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Rogers Youth Funds - Post Secondary Scholarships

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Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada- Future Shop.

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Raising the Grade
Raising the Grade aims to provide young people with the skills, tools and opportunities that will equip them to excel academically and secure their future success as productive, independent and contributing members of society.

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Keystone Youth Club

Keystone helps kids 14 and older channel their energy in a positive direction. It focuses on leadership, education and career development, economic and political awareness, and social recreation.

Through Keystone, youth learn how to foster respect between groups and individuals. They learn valuable leadership skills and form lasting friendships with other teens across the country. And they develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Youth Summer Job Opportunities

Albion Boys and Girls Club provides part time and Summer job opportunites for students.

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Youth Volunteer Opportunities

We provide volunteer opportunities for youth to complete high school graduation.

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Special Events/Conference

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